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Corporations spend tens of thousands of dollars creating a professional brand image in print and TV advertisements, including social media and infomercials to attract new business and clients. But what happens when prospective clients arrive at the place of business? That professionalism can go out the window if the brand image is not carried through to the people who represent the company.

We help everyone do their part by looking their part, and we make it fun. Each individual gains huge benefits from this program for their own personal and professional life, as well as for your company image.


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Watch The Transformation

As each individual’s image is raised, inside and out AND
Your company’s brand reaches a higher level!

This is my why…

In the communist country where I grew up, individuality was not encouraged, to have a voice was not allowed and fear was the norm. The impact of that environment heavily influenced me and the path I chose in life. I needed to find my individuality, find my own voice. My love for fashion gave me those answers. I have been a fashion show producer, speaker, style expert, coordinator and teacher at prestigious fashion schools in Montreal and Vancouver. Now I use my 23 years’ experience in this field to help professionals raise their profile and confidence with a step-by-step program that delivers amazing success and trust from my clients. I look forward to serving you. ~ Eva

“Eva offers a unique sense of style, blending your personality, body-type and Soul-essence with a contemporary professional look. Her magic lies in creating for you a personalized balanced and harmonious look that instills confidence, yet whispers something unexpected.”

Pixie Hobby

NDP Candidate, White Rock/South Surrey

“Eva was a pleasure to work with. She was very patient in figuring out what types of outfits would be more suitable for me, and the colours that would make me stand out. After being “dressed” by her, people around me said that I look more different and confident. Thank you, Eva for making my business life glowing and professional looking.”

Nicky Tu

Investment Realtor, Kelly Fry Team

Some of our clients
The Vancouver Sun | The New Democratic Party | Port of Vancouver | Portico Design Rare Indigo Marketing Inc. | SME of Vancouver | Waterfront Hotel, Vancouver | BCIT | Rogers TV | Montreal TV | Arborite Inc. | Montreal Community TV | Montreal YMCA | Montreal Vanier College | Montreal Toastmasters International, Montreal

Your Corporate Image Is Your Greatest Asset!

Whether it’s a glossy print ad or the message your employees are projecting, it must be consistent.
Watch the transformation a consistent professional image can make.

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